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Eureka Consultants was created with one clear philosophy in mind - to give practical help and guidance in making change happen rather than just preaching theory to you.

Sometimes success comes from some solid and often simple ideas - finding that Eureka moment can be a real catalyst to drive change and new ways of thinking throughout your department or company.

How can Eureka help your business? How can Eureka help your business?

Eureka Consultants work with your existing team, to drive, coach and support the delivery of change or performance improvement. This means that you and your team learn from the process, building a lasting level of knowledge that secures the future of the projects and develop your team to face other challenges.

The consultancy has experience of operating large scale organisations, building new departments, delivering sales & service results, driving change and developing real people doing real jobs.

As well as this grass roots knowledge, Eureka has experience at a senior level in large corporate, multi site, multi national companies and so managing strategic plans and building inter departmental relationships is also part of the package.

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Success Success

Making sales and service operations work can be a real challenge. Sometimes a fresh view of a performance can really speed the process of turnaround.

Eureka Consultants have first hand experience of sales performance turnaround, improving service organisations, including second line support, and delivering the results All of this strategy is of little use if you people and not able to deliver. Eureka can help here to.

A lack of leadership and poor management performance often stifles development and sometimes drives attrition in your people.

Eureka will work closely with your management team, developing individual’s leadership skills and improving their personal performance. This will make them more productive and usually more energetic, enthusiastic and focused - all good news for the team member, you, the department, the company and the shareholders

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Experience Experience

Eureka Consultants specialise in delivering your customer management strategy at front line. This is always the most difficult part of any programme and only by having been through the huge changes can you understand the demands it places on your team or company.

The consultancy has helped deliver customer development and retention organisations where customer churn is both costly and destructive. Creating strategy, building departments and teams, delivering on numbers and changing culture is not an easy process but experience can really help fast track the development and avoid some of the dangerous pit falls.

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All of this experience has been gained in very competitive markets across the UK & Europe and here’s the good news - all of this practical know how is available to you.

Ideas that Inspire Ideas that Inspire

Ideas drive the strategy, supported by the people and delivered to the customer.

Eureka helps you to align these elements and create great customer experiences.

Ideas that Inspire

How can Eureka help your business? Make the first step

To help your company drive forward into the future with a more productive and brighter future, make the first step by contacting Eureka Consultants.

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